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Do you have a special gift or skill that you bring to your workplace? Are you the colleague people turn to for your wise advice? Are you an innovator who always has great ideas? Or maybe your health and wellness routine inspires your work mates to be better versions of themselves. 

Some of us might initially struggle to come up with a superpower but it’s worth taking the time to identify what your unique contribution at work is. We all have at least one and usually a few superpowers. You need to recognise what your strengths are and importantly what your weaknesses are too. You can then develop and harness your strengths and work to improve weaknesses.

Take for instance ALRA founder Brett Clemenson who has managed to turn his health challenges into superpowers. Brett is a coeliac, type 1 diabetic and has Hashimoto’s disease. But instead of feeling disadvantaged he fights against these setbacks by being the fittest and healthiest person he can be with CrossFit, football, basketball, diet, meditation and biohacking. He says of his health challenges, “Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing! They have given me my superpowers in life (and recruitment)”. His other superpower is his unwavering optimism – evidently!

How to discover your superpowers

This interesting Forbes article about discovering your work superpowers, suggests asking yourself (and your friends/family) these three keys questions:

1. What unique contribution do I bring to the projects, conversations and meetings I attend?

2. What do people rely on me for?

3. What would be missing if I were to leave?

Sometimes your work superpower will be a trait that is so intrinsic to your character that you haven’t really thought of it as a work strength before. For example if you’re an empathetic person you’ll naturally be a good listener and understanding. This is a trait that’s of great value to your colleagues even if you haven’t thought about it that way before.

Work superpowers can be skills that you’re expert in such as high proficiency with a certain program. But more often than not they’re positive personality traits like: determination, creativity, loyalty, optimism etc.

Identifying superpowers to attain and develop

Recognising what contribution you’re making in the workplace and understanding how you can build and develop these skills is powerful. You will feel more confident and inspired to keep honing your superpowers. 

Once you’ve worked out which superpowers you currently have it’s exciting to think about and plan to acquire additional superpowers. Identify the superpowers you admire in colleagues so that you can work to develop the same traits.