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Important Notice
for Candidates

WhatsApp & Telegram Scam Alert

WhatsApp & Telegram Recruitment Scam

ALRA Recruitment, along with a number of other Australian & Internationally based recruitment agencies, have been the subject of a scam ring impersonating consultants from our agencies.

These scammers reach out to potential victims via apps like WhatsApp & Telegram claiming to have jobs for them & seem legitimate. Using our company name, logo & even pretending to be consultants who do genuinely work here.

The ALRA team would like to clearly state that we will NEVER use apps like WhatsApp or Telegram to contact potential candidates & if you receive something like this from a company claiming to be us, or any other agency, please do not respond.

The ALRA team has been in touch with the police and please refer to the below guide to know what to do if you are approached by anyone you suspect may be impersonating the ALRA team.

If contacted, please note the following:

  • Do not, under any circumstances give out any personal details.
  • Stop speaking with the scammer immediately.
  • Report the scammer to ScamWatch
  • Report the scammer to the platform on which they have contacted you as a scam.
  • Block the contact.

If you are able, please forward across a screenshot of the scammer’s approach to and please don’t hesitate to contact us at the same email address if you would like any further information.