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LinkedIn recently shared this article featuring data on jobs that are on the rise in 2023. The piece features 25 roles that are growing in demand in Australia. It’s clear that workplaces and also many jobs have undergone rapid changes recently. Navigating this new landscape can be challenging. Many people are considering whether they have picked the right career path.

Which jobs are on the rise?

Technology roles

Perhaps unsurprisingly the majority of growth areas identified in the LinkedIn report are in the technology sector, positions such as: Technical Program Manager, Site Reliability Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Data Engineer, Platform Engineer, Product Designer, Delivery Consultant, Service Desk Engineer and Technology Project Manager are highlighted by LinkedIn as tech job growth areas in Australia. 

As we continue to experience rapid advancements in technology, there will be ongoing career opportunities and new job avenues in this sector. This fascinating Forbes article addresses the incredible technology growth areas we can expect in 2023, identifying four main categories: “1) artificial intelligence, 2) computing technologies, 3) robotics, and 4) materials science.”

If you are interested in technology and want to pursue a career in this exciting, evolving and multi-faceted area, there are many opportunities for you. Picking a tech related career is choosing an industry on the rise. However, these types of jobs are not for everyone. What other industries and role are burgeoning?  

Other job growth areas

The LinkedIn report highlighted these additional Australian job growth areas for 2023. Some of these jobs are on the rise because they are new or evolved from similar roles of the past. Other jobs have been around for a long time but are experiencing a greater need at this time.

Finance and business jobs

The LinkedIn report highlighted these jobs as being on the rise in the business and finance sectors: Sales Development Representative, Claims Adjuster, Growth Specialist, Enterprise Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, Finance Associate, Client Associate and Business Development Representative.

Health, sustainability and crime

The remaining top jobs growth identified by the LinkedIn report are: Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Sustainability Manager, Job Coach, Health Assistant and Crime Analyst.

Our career decisions should not be decided entirely based on trends. However, the insights provided by LinkedIn’s 25 fastest-growing job titles over the past five years in Australia can help you to establish areas of development and opportunity in the ever-evolving workforce.