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Let’s imagine that it’s January 2019. You have just celebrated the start of the New Year, made a tonne of New Year’s Resolutions (that you may or may not keep) and are now looking ahead to what 2019 might look like for your career.

With the fresh wind of change in the air, it would not be unusual for you to wonder if your current job is going to help you hit your 2019 goals or if there may be something that will better align with your needs. With this thought in mind, you decide to hit the job boards.

Alongside everyone else that has hit the job market for the exact same reason…




Whilst a move in January seems like an excellent idea, the reality is that January / early February is usually the time in which we, as recruiters, see the heaviest candidate competition for roles.

If you think you may fall into this scenario, it’s a good idea to ask yourself NOW what you want your 2019 to look like and plan accordingly, in advance.


If increased market competition for roles hasn’t convinced you, here are some other reasons why looking for a new role now instead of waiting for January is a good idea.


  • At this time of year, the ratios are more jobs to candidates creating an excellent environment to move. In January the ratios actually flip. A much higher number of candidates hit the market and with Hiring Managers still on leave or tied up kicking off projects, there is increased competition for the roles that are actively hiring.
  • Projects are often lined up to start in January – this means hiring managers are required to source talent at the end of the year to have these people ready to go. The best projects are resourced well before they are scheduled to begin.
  • You’ll flow into the New Year ready to start a new adventure (and not find one). Imagine, you celebrate the end of your tenure at your current company Christmas Party going out on a high, take a holiday and start your new role in January fresh and ready to go.


For Seniors & Execs…

For high-level roles, companies are often more serious about the hire at this time of year. Where in the New Year, roles are about hitting the wish list of what they want for 2019, recruitment now is more strategically important, committed and well thought out.


For Juniors…

For Juniors, going through a pre-Christmas recruitment process with the role starting in January will still see them eligible for salary increases at the July review. People who look in January start in March/April and will struggle to get a July salary increase.


If you’re not sure if it’s the best time for you to move, then please give us a call to discuss what your particular job market looks like. We’re more than happy to consult with you (without requiring your CV in front of us) and help you determine the best time.