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If you’re currently in lockdown, there’s a good chance that every day is feeling a bit like Groundhog Day. Let’s face it, things can get a bit dull and boring when we have to stay at home most of the time. As a result, many people are feeling listless and are rethinking their career. But is right now a good time to change jobs or your career path? The answer varies depending on your individual circumstances.

Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Thinking of Leaving Your Job

  • Was I unhappy in my job before COVID-19?
  • Was I looking for a new job before lockdown?
  • Has the pandemic negatively affected my job (eg. through reduced hours or the extra challenges from working at home)?
  • Have I been planning a career change for some time?

The more times you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, the higher the likelihood is that you should look at changing jobs or industries. Lockdown has provided an opportunity to reflect and you’re ready to make a necessary change.

However, if you answered no to two or more of the above questions, it’s a good idea to evaluate whether you genuinely need or want to move jobs at this time.

Reasons it Might be Worth Staying in Your Current Job

  • Was I happy in my job before COVID-19?
  • Are the problems I’m having likely to be resolved once we’re better adapted to living with COVID-19?
  • Are there career development opportunities within my current company?
  • Can I explore a career change without leaving my current job?

Clearly, the more times you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, the more likely it is that staying in your current position might be a good idea for you. 

Disruptive, unexpected events like the COVID-19 pandemic throw us out of our routines and inspire us to ask big questions about what we value and how we want to spend our time. This is a good thing and can lead to important insights and changes. Working out which changes are truly necessary is the key.

If you’ve decided you want to move jobs within your current industry, the clarity of this decision can be energising. You are well positioned to take action and get your resume in order, search job board sites, change your LinkedIn to “open for opportunities” and/or get in touch with a recruiter.

If you’ve concluded that you want to make a bigger career change career and move industries, you may be feeling particularly unmoored at this time. We’re all facing a certain amount of uncertainty but feeling dissatisfied with your career and perhaps unsure of how to enact change can be problematic. 

The first step is deciding how you wish to reinvent yourself. Do you have multiple possible careers you’re interested in? Or are you feeling sure about which career you want to change to? Either way, it’s highly beneficial to develop your skills and knowledge in this new area on the side (such as by studying) while remaining in your current position if possible.

Embarking on a side hustle that becomes your career is one of the most common ways people moves industries. It affords you the opportunity to securely try out your new vocation (as best you can), while establishing which aspects or specific career will be most fulfilling for you.