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It happens to everyone. Maybe you wake up more tired than usual, maybe the workload on your desk feels like a harder climb than Everest or maybe you’re just to feeling your job today. Whatever the reason, we all have those days where motivation is hard to come by.

Here’s the kicker though, you have to get your work done. So what can you do?

Sure you can sit there, try to muddle through your work and potentially perform at a sub standard compared to your normal output & quality or, you can get your motivation back.


How? By using some of our office’s favourite, kick-start your day tips…



Clear your Brain of Clutter


Ever feel like you have 1 Billion thoughts going through your head at once? It’s not a great feeling and usually leads to negative thoughts like panic, feeling doomed to not get everything done or high stress levels.

So how to clear your head? Write every single thing going on up in there down. Categorise it into personal and professional, urgent and / or important. Once you’ve done this, you will probably find that: a. you have less to do than you realise and b. you’ll feel more organised because you have a defined list (and not just a whole bunch of thoughts tramping around through your psyche).



Start on the Easiest Task


One of the easiest ways to boost your motivation is to give yourself little wins. Look at your ‘to do’ list and determine what you can complete quickly and easily. Start there. Having small wins is great for the brain. That sense of accomplishment will give your brain the fodder it needs to push on to the harder / longer tasks.



Do 10 Push-ups, Sit-ups or Star Jumps (or all of them)


There’s a reason the saying “thinks well on their feet” exists. Exercise releases endorphins and activates the brain allowing you to make connections faster and with less mental effort.

Endorphins also make you feel happy which means that what previously seemed like a dull, dreary and painful working day suddenly seems a little bit brighter.



Go for a Quick Walk


If you have the chance to take a quick meander, do it. Exercise and fresh air do wonders for the brain. Not only does exercise stimulate the body and mind, but fresh air and getting out in to the world makes you feel refreshed and renewed. Just changing your surroundings can reactivate the brain (which is one of the reasons hot desks are so popular), so don’t be afraid to mix it up!



Say the Word “Yes” Really Loud, Ten Times


Have you ever noticed that saying ‘No’ tends to make you feel a little bit negative whereas saying ‘Yes’ makes you feel a little bit good? There’s actually a whole lot of science behind this, but without going into it in too much detail, saying ‘no’ is linked in your brain to saying ‘I can’t’ whereas saying ‘yes’ is linked to saying ‘I can’.

So basically, getting up and saying “YES” 10 times, is sending a message to your brain that you can do whatever your workday has placed in front of you.


So what do you do when you’re struggling for motivation? We’d love to hear what gets your workday moving!