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Peter Dakers

Partner - Property Valuations & Environmental

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Practice Areas

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Environmental Consulting


Pete has over 10 years’ experience in the Recruitment world across Mining, Engineering, Environmental Consulting & Property Valuations. Pete has become THE recruiter for Valuations Recruitment on the East Coast placing hard to find roles across Commercial, Institutional, Specialist & Residential.

The main tale:

Growing up in Johannesburg (or as Pete laughingly says “big, bad Jo-Berg”), he saw highly different walks of life from a young age but in true Pete style, only remembers the good – his friends, family, climbing the hill across from his house and checking out all the incredible animals & bugs.

Migrating to Australia kickstarted his love of travel and immersing himself in other cultures. Whether this is living in the small city of Suwon in South Korea teaching English or hiking between coastal towns in Mexico (sneaking sketchily past compounds with heavily armed guards), he credits his travels with some of the biggest perspective shifts in his life.

This has led to his hard-working, optimistic and relaxed approach to life where his philosophy is “it’s a big game. Consistently play to the tactics that you believe will get you the right result. If you’re going to go off script, do so with confidence and make peace that it could all fall apart. That’s part of the fun.” 

Knowing that the recruitment world is often like this is a big part of why Pete joined the ALRA team stating that “good recruitment is the risk / reward of trying to build something big which can be challenging, but it’s made easier when you’re surrounded by consistent support to be better and achieve personally and professionally.”

Stories for another time…

Ask him about…

  • Training for and running a marathon where nothing ever goes to plan, but having a plan is infinitely better than the alternative.
  • The ridiculously loud clicking sound he can make with his mouth. He’s never met anyone who can click louder. Prove him wrong.
  • How to make a little catapult-like structure using your fingers to shoot projectiles at high speed.

Recent Placements

  • Senior Valuer / Analyst, Development & Advisory, Multinational Multidisciplinary
  • National Head of Commercial Valuations, Major National Brand
  • Director, Industrial Valuations, Global Consultancy
  • State Director, Commercial Valuations, ASX Listed Firm
  • Associate Director, Agribusiness, Multinational Firm
  • Valuer, Commercial & Industrial, Property Advisory and Urban Planning Firm
  • Principal Remediation Engineer, Global Consultancy
  • Operations Manager, Contaminated Land, National Consulting Group
  • Environmental Consultant, Contaminated Land & Remediation, Boutique Specialist
  • Principal Environmental Scientist, Contaminated Land, National Consulting Group
  • Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Mining Consulting, Multinational Specialist Firm