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Jaclyn Prescott

ALRA - Senior Content Writer


Working for the likes of esteemed publisher Jane Palfreyman at Allen & Unwin, Berkelouw Leichhardt and Walker Books, Jaclyn holds 14 years’ experience across Publishing, Copywriting and Content Creation. As ALRA’s digital content writer, she applies her incredible writing background to bring recruitment news and important industry information to life.

The main tale.

Born with a heart defect and experiencing her first surgery at just 3 years of age taught Jaclyn the value of resilience & gratitude much earlier than most, but growing up in New Zealand, Jaclyn describes her upbringing as idyllic.  Some of Jaclyn’s most vivid childhood memories are of water skiing with her family enjoying the “thrill and joy gliding across the water, feeling the sun on my face, the wind whipping around me and seeing my family in the boat ahead.”  

This joy in appreciating life has fuelled a love of travel where she believes she’s privileged to have experienced incredible places whether that be hot air ballooning in Cappadocia to a safari in Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. The spot that holds a special place in her heart however is Italy as it combines incredible scenery, a fascinating culture, and wonderful people.

Losing her Dad at a young age had a big impact on her perspective as it “really brought home the importance of living a life that is in alignment with my values.” Jaclyn is passionate about her values as evident by her love of animals, environmental protection, and the complete devotion she gives her family (including its seven furrier members).

Jaclyn describes what she enjoys most about ALRA as, “I’m lucky to work with people who are supportive, understanding and inspire me to do my best. I feel motivated and encouraged. I’m also able to work from home which suits me in this stage of my life.”

Stories for another time…

Ask her about…

  • Her hyper-visualisation & incredibly vivid imagination where she can conjure up images/holograms in her field of vision.
  • Her husband’s contrastingly lack of “mind’s eye visualisation”.
  • Being co-school captains with the ALRA CEO, Brett.