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Brett Clemenson

ALRA CEO & Environmental Consulting Recruitment Partner

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Practice Areas

  • Contaminated Land
  • Environmental Planning
  • Ecology
  • Hydrogeology & Water
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Valuations


Founder & CEO of ALRA, Brett has 20+ years’ experience in the Recruitment industry across primarily the Environmental & Engineering Consulting Sectors. He has worked with Global Top-tiers through to Boutique & Start-ups with a particular speciality in placing Service Leaders & building new business lines.

The main tale.

Born in Byron Bay and having his time split between parents living in the contrast of either the beach side town of Avalon Beach or sleeping in a caravan, Brett learnt perspective from quite an early age. He loved both but he credits seeing both sides as contributing to his drive for success in life. 

Describing himself as “the loudest person you will ever meet” (which he is), life for Brett was defined early on by autoimmune issues (including diabetes, coeliac, thyroid) which taught him that life is to be lived now as you never know what happens next! It put a sharp focus for him on health and wellness (mind, body, soul) and created discipline – an ability to listen to his intuition. Health and wellness come before anything else for Brett, because when that goes, everything suffers. 

This was a big contributing factor for Brett’s creation of ALRA, having worked in companies previously that became detrimental to his health, he wanted to create something that doesn’t just support health & wellness, but enriches it. An agency that he wanted to be part of where you can tread your own path and live a life. 

Well known by people around him for his relentless optimism the biggest thing Brett has learnt from life thus far is that all things shall pass – the good, bad the ugly. Keep rolling with the punches and NEVER quit, as only then do you fail. 

Stories for another time…

Ask him about…

  • Being in a band and playing a show with the Foo Fighters.
  • Sticking black gaffa tape around his feet to feign shoes to get into a club when he only had thongs (and having it work).
  • Once fitting 11 pieces of A4 paper into his mouth.

Recent Placements

  • Global Director, Environmental Approvals, ASX Listed Industrial Client
  • Principal Port Planner, Global Consultancy
  • Technical Director, Water Resources, Global Consultancy
  • Senior Environmental Engineer, Contaminated Land, Global Consultancy
  • Project Director, Contaminated Sites, Defence
  • Victorian State Manager, Contaminated Sites
  • Senior Principal, Contaminated Land
  • Team Leader/ Environmental Scientist, Contaminated Land
  • Operations Manager VIC, Consultancy
  • Principal Environmental Scientist, Planning Approvals Lead
  • Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Consultancy
  • Principal Ecologist, Botany, Consultancy
  • Senior Communications/Stakeholder Engagement Consultant