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Beth O'Neil Headshot

Beth O’Neil

ALRA - Marketing & Social Media


Originally from a recruitment background in Mining & Construction, Beth transitioned into what she discovered is her working happy place – handling the branding, marketing & social media (and social calendar) for the ALRA team. She now holds over 10 years’ experience in digital branding & social media management.

The main tale.

Growing up in Western Sydney but with the heart of someone born at the beach, Beth describes herself as a girl born out of place. This has fostered her love of travel – spending a significant portion of her life on the South Coast of NSW where if she wasn’t learning (and often failing to surf) she was hiking through bushland to find those secluded spots no one else knew about.

This led to a defining moment – a time she was surfing in 6-7ft swell, got absolutely dumped by a wave and had the leg rope wrap around both her legs. After being pulled backwards underwater for more than a minute she freed herself but learnt a valuable lesson about how quickly & easily life could change and to make the most of what you’re given when it’s given to you.

This belief in living life to the fullest is massive part of the reason she joined ALRA enjoying the flexibility & freedom to integrate the things she loves about living life into how she structures her working days.

To Beth balance in all things is everything and being able to balance work, life and family with the total support she gets from both Brett & rest of the team is what makes ALRA so incredible.

Stories for another time…

Ask her about…

  • Walking across hot coals.
  • Getting towed behind a boat in a bathtub on waterskis.
  • Hiking through Peru & getting engaged on the top of a mountain.
  • Working on an active volcano that erupted and the subsequent “eruption party” that followed.