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Aaron Matrljan

Partner - Cyber Security & Accounting

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Practice Areas

  • Business Services
  • Insolvency
  • Tax
  • Audit


Aaron has over 20 years’ recruitment experience placing candidates in the Cyber Security, Legal, Engineering and Valuations sectors but possessing a speciality in Business Services and Insolvency for Accounting firms & Cyber Security in IT. He has worked with Big 4’s all the way through to small suburban firms both in Australia & overseas.

The Main Tale:

Born in North Sydney with most of his extended family living close by, Aaron grew up with a connection to family – something that has always been of huge importance to him. His early childhood was fuelled by sport (he’s half Croatian after all), books, music and film with the family regularly visiting the cinema.

Working in a fruit market through university prior to entering the recruitment world shaped large parts of Aaron’s perspective as the people “were some of the hardest workers I’ve met to this day. They’re on their feet all day; work long hours, six days a week for very little pay.” Taking the time to get to know his colleagues he heard many interesting stories from varied walks of life including immigrants who’d left hard circumstances along with prisoners on day release. These stories act as a reminder to never judge someone without understanding where they come from.

Meeting his wife at a young age, they spent much of their twenties travelling but Aaron credits the most formative moment of his life to his wife battling breast cancer in their thirties. This taught Aaron that “things can change very suddenly. It gave me a sense of urgency that improved every facet of my life – health, spirituality, family and of course my work.” 

This was a huge part of what led Aaron to join ALRA stating “I joined ALRA because of Brett’s vision. For him the business isn’t about the work as much as building something great for everyone. He wanted my help and input. I told myself I’d stay as long as it continued to be exciting, and I could have an impact – I’m still here.”


Stories for another time…

Ask him about…

  • His encyclopaedia-like knowledge of sport (particularly Basketball).
  • What’s “grinding his gears” (ask him if you want a guaranteed chuckle).
  • His incredible technique for holding together the structural integrity of a soft-shelled taco.

Recent Placements

  • Senior Accountant, Business Services, Small firm.
  • Assistant Manager, Business Services, Global firm
  • Senior Accountant, Insolvency, Small firm
  • Graduate Accountant, Insolvency, Small firm
  • Graduate Accountant, Insolvency, National firm
  • Manager, Business Services, Small firm