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Contact our CEO direct:

Brett Nathan

P: 1300 002 572


Customised Rates

Like any good business, being nimble, flexible and adaptable to market demands keeps you in the game. Our rates are no different. We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our fees as what might suit one company may not suit the next. Our aim is to provide a solution that is customised to you and your needs. As an example, the majority of recruitment agencies charge on a % rate based on the salary of the talent employed. Whilst we have this type of arrangement available, we also have the following customised rates with our clients:


  • Fee % based on candidate salary / annual income (if bonuses are a large proportion of salary)
  • Flat cash rate (regardless of salary)
  • Risk / Reward model (lower initial upfront fee with a 2% of annual billings of the individual after 12 months (sales/billings roles))
  • Split payments (add interest depending on time-scale)
  • Payroll Services / Contracting (we employ the candidate on our books to cover Payroll Tax, PI, Work Cover, and Workers Compensation and invoice client monthly)


Of course, all recruits made through ALRA come with a full replacement guarantee regardless of the rate structure in place. For the record, ALRA has a strict in-house policy to make replacing any guarantee as the highest priority so that you are not left without a staff member. Speak with our CEO direct to get a feeling for his stance on outstanding placements with clients, he just does not tolerate it. As a result, we are held in very high regard with our clients as they know we have their best interests at heart.

The above rates have been developed for specific industries and clients. Perhaps you’ll come to us with another scenario that makes sense to structure in another fashion. We are extremely competitive on pricing. Our aim is to be the #1 provider of talent whilst at the same time being the best price. We want ALRA to be the first ones you call when you have a need for talent solutions.

We look forward to creating a solution that works for you specifically.


Donation Made for Every Placement


For every person we place we have committed to contribute a donation to a notable charity / cause. So by aligning with ALRA, not only are you getting a reliable recruitment partner but for every fee you pay you are contributing to a worthy charity in Australia. If you have a specific charity in mind please do let us know and we will make the appropriate donation. Our charities of choice include:


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