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We recently ran a poll asking this question. The results were interesting – 63% of respondents said that before Christmas is a better time to look for work, while 37% suggested after. We’re with the majority of our poll participants on this one. 

Of course, the ideal time to look for work depends on the circumstances of the individual and the company. However, there are a number of reasons why prior to Christmas is generally more advantageous for job seekers.

1. It’s Less Competitive

There’s that old adage that we often put off till tomorrow what could have been done today. This extends to most job seekers, who will delay looking for work until the new year because they are winding down and thinking about taking time off over summer. For this reason, jobs advertised before Christmas typically receive significantly less applicants. 

But if you know you’re unhappy in your workplace or you’re looking for a chance to develop your career, there’s no time like the present. Just prior to Christmas is one of the optimum times to be looking for work because you’ll encounter far less competition.

2. You’ll Still Get to Enjoy Your Festive Season Plans

Are you putting off looking for work in the lead up to Christmas because you’re worried that seeking and securing a new job at this time will interfere with your chance to unwind and relax? It’s understandable that you’re mentally ready for a break, especially if your work circumstances are currently not contributing to your happiness. 

However, it’s good to keep in mind that (depending on your industry) most companies work with a greatly reduced staff over Christmas, or close completely. So, if you’re prepared to put the effort into applying and interviewing for work now, you might just secure yourself a new job ready to start in the new year, while still ensuring that you get to enjoy a break beforehand!

3. Companies Want to be Prepared for the Year Ahead

Employees might delay applying for a new job until they feel refreshed in the new year, but employers look at this the other way around. Most businesses want to be structurally set up and ready to go in January, so they’ll typically look to advertise and fill new roles prior to this. January is a critical period for most businesses – they want to go full steam ahead once the new year has rolled around. 

If you think about it as an employee, it’s much better to come in fresh to a new role in January than to start to look for work in January and have to transition roles in February or later, just when you were getting into the swing of things for the new year.