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The short answer is yes. While the beginning of the year is often synonymous with resolutions and fresh starts, February, in particular, emerges as an opportune time to find a new job, here are a few key reasons why:

1. More jobs

Many people take an extended break over the festive season and some companies aren’t open for business till halfway through January. Whereas by February, most companies are ready to start enacting their strategic plans for the year.

Businesses will often have new hiring budgets and are eager to kickstart new projects and expand their team. As a result, you’ll see an above average number of job listings across many industries.

2. Speedier hiring process

There are certain times of year that will usually delay the interview process – end of financial year and right before Christmas are two examples. Whereas February is a good time for job seekers. Most people are at work and focussed and there are no school or public holidays interrupting work flow until Easter. Job seekers can expect more decisive and focused hiring processes at this time.

3. You’ve (hopefully) had a break

We all need time off to rejuvenate and be with loved ones and most of us take our longest chunk of holiday leave over the Christmas period. This time off gives us a bigger opportunity to reflect on where we’re at in life. Sometimes this leads to the realisation that we’re really not happy with work and need to change things. This could involve talking with your boss and identifying the areas you’d like to improve. Or it might signify that it’s time to find a new job. 

Resulting in a significant number of people decide to look for a new job in Jan/Feb.  Which is also the main downside to job hunting in February, it can be much more competitive than other times of year. However, this shouldn’t put you off because as we already mentioned, there are also more opportunities than usual.