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Have you ever considered an Australian Defence Force (ADF) job? A role in the ADF is one of great responsibility and purpose. The ADF is tasked with defending our nation, its borders and coastline, our people and way of life. The ADF also supports international operations in areas such as counter terrorism and peacekeeping missions.

Comprising the Navy, Army and Air Force the ADF is one of Australia’s major employers. The important work of our defence personnel is multidisciplinary and there are opportunities in a greater array of areas than most people realise. 

This jobs list on the ADF website highlights the multitude of opportunities in areas such as: 

  • Business
  • Administration
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Science
  • Communications 
  • Intelligence
  • Hospitality
  • Trades

Reasons to work for the ADF


  • Receive a fully funded world-class UNSW degree whilst receiving military leadership training at ADFA. Earn a salary while you study and when you graduate, you’ll walk into a guaranteed career – HELP debt-free. 
  • Defence University Sponsorship (DUS). If you’re already studying for a relevant degree. You may be able to get DUS in which the ADF pays you to complete your degree and pays your remaining fees. In return you must give an initial minimum period of service the time of which depends on your degree. 
  • The ADF invests heavily in leadership and management training programs and consequently produces high calibre leaders.

Career Development

  • Your career in the ADF starts at ADFA. Once you graduate, you’ll have a guaranteed career in the Navy, Army or Air Force.
  • There are hundreds of roles available and many have transferrable skills in and out of ADF


  • Aside from training, exercises and deployments, personnel generally work an eight-hour day and five-day weeks, freeing up time after hours to connect with friends and family. 
  • Between 4-6 weeks off annually
  • Some roles have flexible work options such as part-time and/or working from home.
  • Use of free on-base sport and fitness facilities.
  • Competitive starting salaries
  • Superannuation of 16.4%
  • Better rates on home loans
  • Subsidised accommodation
  • Free healthcare
  • Retention bonuses