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The COVID-19 pandemic has altered and reshaped our working lives in unprecedented ways across the globe. So how do employers navigate this new job landscape, find the best candidates and see their business thrive? We’ve compiled some tips for businesses to best position themselves to find great talent during lockdown.

Online content is key

With less opportunity for face-to-face interviews, exceptional candidates will be seeking job information and reassurance about your company principally through your online presence. This includes your website, social media, LinkedIn and Seek profile.

Additionally, dissatisfied employees now have more time to look for new jobs online without the risk of their boss looking over their shoulder and catching them out.

Your website represents your business and your brand. You should be aiming for a professional looking page with quality, up-to-date content.

When there are multiple hiring opportunities open, it’s well worth considering exploring avenues beyond your standard packages such as Seek database searches or purchasing tools in LinkedIn.

Ensure that you are advertising every job opportunity so that your company is not overlooked by high quality potential employees. This also allows candidates to see that your business is growing and viable in these challenging times.

Ensure you are tech savvy

We’ve all had a laugh at the colleague who revealed they were actually wearing pyjama pants off camera, or the viral video with the lawyer who was ‘stuck’ as a cat on Zoom.

However, bad communication and technology blunders are challenging for candidates and can undermine your desirability to employees. It’s important that prospective candidates feel like they’re in good hands.

Do all that you can to make sure that all of the arrangements in the lead up to an interview feel smooth and professional for the candidate. Spend time ensuring that your tech platforms are organised and seamless. Check aspects such as lighting, video and audio are all as clear as possible. Make sure your internal communications have been ironed out in advance, so there are no meeting clashes or other distractions.

Provide future employees with a post-COVID plan

In uncertain times, it’s reassuring for candidates to see that their potential employer has considered what the future might look like and that they have a plan for navigating through it.

During lockdowns, large numbers of employees are working from home who were previously working in an office five days a week. In many instances these employees now expect job flexibility moving forward. Be sure to clarify what your work from home policy will be post-COVID. For instance, you might indicate that the expectation moving forward will be at least two days per week in the office.

It is also helpful for employees to know that you are adaptable to sudden changes in circumstance. For example, reassuring them that they will not be forced to come into the office during lockdowns.