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Does your boss treat you badly? Do you feel micro-managed, undermined and/or bullied at work? Are you frequently in a negative headspace because of this? It is very common. Unfortunately, toxic managers are everywhere. So, what can you do? 

Firstly, if you’ve tried all ways to address the issues but you can’t see a way forward, then you need to find a new job. Dwelling in a negative headspace does not serve you.

Secondly, while you’re waiting to find a new job and also when you reflect on your time working with a toxic boss, it’s helpful to reframe it. As the brilliant Maya Angelou said “if you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”

So, if you’re going to blame your boss for all the bad things they’ve done…

It’s only fair to recognise all the good things they’ve done too!

Because out of the ashes of bad management and leadership comes growth you may not have otherwise had, such as:

* You were forced to set the bar higher

* You now know what you don’t want

* You have more resilience 

* You communicate in better ways

* You are a mindful and conscious leader

* You were forced to leave your last role and now in a job you love

Focus on the good and you’ll see good.  Focus on the bad and you’ll be trapped in a negative mindset.

Nobody wants to experience a bad boss, but we often grow into better people and better leaders after experiencing one. 

If you are suffering trauma from a bad leader or boss, please talk to a professional and call out this archaic bullying practice.