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Goals Check: Measuring your Progress Throughout the Year

Posted on May 28, 2019

In January, we posted about how we like to set goals at ALRA. Namely, short, medium & long term goals written down preferably with an emotional connection and celebrated when they’re achieved. See “The 6 Steps to Ensuring a Successful 2019”.

With June just around the corner (seriously, when did that happen?!), it’s a good time to stop and check if you’re still on track. Measuring how successful (or unsuccessful) you’ve been is important and can act as a great motivational tool for the rest of the year.

Theoretically, to ensure goals are achieved, they should be reassessed on the same time schedule that they are planned: daily, weekly, monthly etc. but for business goals (or even personal goals), sitting down every quarter and assessing where you are at, is a good indicator of how your year is looking.


Goals Check!


Some of the questions we sit down and ask ourselves at this time of year are as follows:


  • What did you achieve?
  • What didn’t you achieve and why?
  • What was the shortfall?
  • What can you improve for next quarter / what should you avoid?
  • Are you still on track for your 6 monthly / yearly goals?
  • Do you need to reassess your goals or further challenge yourself?


It doesn’t actually matter in the end whether your answers to these questions are positive or negative as both can provide you with the direction you need to continue.

Just remember to celebrate your successes and not fixate on any failures. We learn through failure and it’s not something to be afraid of. Use it as a tool for your personal and professional development, not to chastise yourself.