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Many people don’t want to change jobs right before review period as they’re concerned they’ll miss out on the benefits of a successful review with their current employer. Statistically however, this is rarely the case.

If there are problems within your current role, company, salary etc that are apparent enough to you to be considering a move, these will not always be solved by a good review – particularly if the issues are systemic or cultural.

If you’ve established that the issue can’t be solved you should be looking for a new job before your review has occurred.

Don’t be Afraid to Change Jobs BEFORE Your Review

  1. Get Ahead of the Competition.

    Many people hit the job boards after review period but jumping in before will see you beat the competition to the best roles on offer.
  2. Higher Salary.

    Companies are aware that reviews are coming up so any new job offer will take your expected salary increase into account. You can lock in that increase now rather than leaving it to chance in your review.
  3. Sign on Bonus.

    A new firm might offer a sign-on bonus (or even more salary) to offset your missed performance bonus.
  4. Review Pay Delay

    If you’re ready to move jobs now but considering waiting till after your review then it’s a good idea to look at when your performance bonus is actually paid. How long will this delay you from changing jobs? 
  5. Risk of Pro-rated Bonus at New Company.

    If you wait and join a new firm mid-way through the next financial year, this often means your bonus will be pro-rated down because you didn’t work the full financial year for your new company.