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Lindsay Charman

Partner - Legal, UK

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Practice Areas

  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Property
  • Corporate / M&A
  • Banking & Finance
  • Insolvency & Restructuring
  • Cyber Security
  • Family Law


Lindsay started recruiting in professional services in 2007, before relocating to London in 2014 where she has built a strong network in Legal and Tech, recruiting all levels, up to Partner.  She has a first-hand understanding of how corporates function, the importance of culture, leadership, rewards & recognition. She has worked with magic circle, retail, international sports, central government and global insurance clients to solve people, process, regulatory and technology challenges, including strategy, technology transformation, agile working, data privacy and cyber security.

The main tale.

Growing up in “Blinky Bill Country” in Sydney’s Blue Mountains, Lindsay describes her childhood as “pretty lucky” – having acres of bushland to run amok in and being surrounded by incredible native fauna. Later living in the Northern Beaches, she sees both areas of Sydney as wonderful places to visit, reconnect & reground.

Being surrounded by nature influenced her love of travel, particularly of places where mountains interact with the ocean like the big cliffs & hidden bays of Mallorca. One of her favourite travel experiences was sailing through the caldera in Santorini during Ifestia – the annual fireworks festival recreating the volcanic eruption of 1600BC. Surrounded by cliffs & gorgeous coastal towns, she was awed by the beauty able to be created from such devastation.

This positive perspective on life is reflective of Lindsay’s love & energy she brings into a room. She believes that very few people in life are intentionally difficult. Instead, it’s important to understand what might be causing their behaviour.

Soon after moving to London in 2014, Lindsay credits an experience with shaping her belief in good work practice. One day her boss invited her to a meeting in the local coffee shop. He asked her how she was doing and she started talking about her KPIs.  He stopped her, and said “That’s all fine, but I want to know how Lindsay is doing.” Having never been asked that professionally before, she didn’t know how to answer but it taught her the importance of balance, mental health & how work can impact your surrounding life.

Her belief in understanding people combined with what she learnt in that moment has reinforced her belief in good work & recruitment practices and is part of the reason she decided to join ALRA. Knowing Brett previously, she always shared the same ethics and view of what good practices are. When she realised she wanted to get back into agency recruitment, and it aligned with Brett’s long term goal of international expansion; it all came together quite quickly.  

Stories for another time…

  • Happening into Arnold Schwarzenegger in Aspen, “fangirling” & complimenting him on his awareness work on climate change (to which he tipped his hat like a gentleman in response).
  • Her ability to make an espresso martini out of any available base spirit.
  • Her “alarm clock” (the guy who drives down her street at 7am every morning happily playing reggae).

Recent Placements

  • Senior Associate, Corporate, Top-tier
  • Special Counsel, Corporate, Mid-Tier
  • Senior Associate, Commercial Disputes, Top-tier
  • Partner, Insurance, Mid-tier
  • Associate, PI Insurance, Mid-tier
  • Senior Associate, Insurance, Negligence, Mid-tier
  • Solicitor, Cyber & Security, Top-tier