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Senior Environmental Consultant, Contaminated Sites

Contaminated Land, ENVIRONMENTAL

Brisbane, QLD

120 — 160

  • Flexible on salary (from $120k base & upwards depending on exp).
  • Flexi working, 2-3 days/week WFH.
  • Very relaxed & personable team, people enjoy being in the office.

Senior Environmental Consultant / Project Manager in Contaminated Sites with a progression path to Principal for an International Multidisciplinary Consultancy.

Team Culture:

  • Relaxed team who enjoy being the in office with each other.
  • WFH – no official policy but generally people are roughly 3 days in the office.
  • Staff get plenty of autonomy, the Brisbane Manager doesn’t believe in micromanagement.
  • This is an office that encourages you to be the master of your own working destiny offering room to grow & to chase your interests.
  • Exposure to other engineering teams projects.

The Role: 

  • Focus on Project Management & training Juniors.
  • Bridging the space between the QLD Manager & Juniors. Would love someone who enjoys the people side of the business for this reason.
  • Projects – Mostly major civil, transport, infra and brownfield land
  • A lot  of external land development work…residential redeveloped land from commercial /industrial.
  • Also some odd ball projects. Contam and water quality. Land based effluent disposal, modelling, acid sulphate soils, Technical Due Diligence.


If you’re coming in at a Senior level, ideally around the 8 years mark.

They are also interested if you’re coming in more senior than that & want to jump straight in as a Principal & will build the salary & role around your experience.


If you’re interested in the above position, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to either apply or for more information. Your approach will be held in confidence.

Peter Dakers – Associate Director
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M: 0405 487 560
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Peter Dakers

Partner - Property Valuations & Environmental