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Principal Water Quality Scientist

ENVIRONMENTAL, Hydrology, Water

Brisbane, Newcastle or Sydney, Aus

150 — 200

  • This role can be based from Brisbane, Newcastle or Sydney.

Principal Water Quality Scientist focusing on Environmental technical studies and assessments in the areas of hydrology, surface water, water quality and water management.

Mix of Freshwater and Coastal environments – Ports, Mariners, Coastal Inlets, Estuaries, Rivers, Lakes & Dams.

The Role: 

  • With sizeable teams across both Modellers & Engineers, the key to this role is linking it all together and solving issues and giving sound environmental advice to clients.
  • An example of upcoming works would be a large dredging and reclamation project with Defence or Coastal Modelling and Hydrodynamics for Inlets and Beaches

The Team:

The beauty of this team is the depth and breadth – Teams work Nationally and Internationally, with no border restrictions. Expect to work on Local Australian projects, as well as NZ, Pacific Islands and SE Asia as the norm

The team really enjoy the diversity this brings, and probably a large reason they have a 96% staff retention rate.

The reputation of this company globally and locally are second to none, which makes your work all the more enjoyable as you are backed up by a large technical team.


If this something you’d be open to exploring, please get in touch (call, text, email). Happy to jump on a call and answer any questions.

Brett Clemenson

Director & Founder of ALRA

0447 946 446

Brett Clemenson

ALRA CEO & Environmental Consulting Recruitment Partner