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What have your biggest failures taught you?

Most of us dread failure, for obvious reasons. No one likes that sinking feeling you get when you know you messed up, or things have gone the opposite to how you expected. But failure can be an important ingredient to success, if you’re prepared to learn from it. We recently had a successful businessman friend … Read More

 Is the 4-day work week the way of the future?

Would you choose to work four days a week instead of five? Who wouldn’t! It’s a no-brainer. What if you had to maintain the same level of productivity as a five day week? Still keen? There is a program underway in the UK exploring this.  The program As reported in this CNN article, “The six-month pilot commits … Read More

50,000 accountants projected to be out of work in the next ten years 

According to new research, automation could put almost 50,000 accountants out of a job over the next 10 years. Accountants are just one of many at-risk jobs cited in the workforce data report compiled by Faethm by Pearson. The analysis uses billions of data points to make predictions about the job and skills landscape of … Read More

Job Seekers – What to do when it’s not them, it’s you!

Most people looking for work right now are well aware that we are experiencing a hot job market which favours candidates. We are currently seeing almost one unemployed person per vacant job, compared to three times that number pre-pandemic.  Employers are often having to go above and beyond in order to secure talent. Companies are also … Read More