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Would a sign-on bonus persuade you to take the job?

There was a time when receiving a sign-on bonus was far from the norm. It was predominantly offered as extra enticement to corporate bigwigs being head-hunted by company competitors. Nowadays, due to what Seek has termed the ‘great jobs boom’, sign-on bonuses are becoming far more commonplace. The AFR recently reported on the extra inducements employers are … Read More

What’s the line between company culture and a cult? 

We’re living in a new age of work perks. More and more companies are realising that to hire and retain the best and brightest talent they need to go above and beyond the standard workplace. But what is the line between a vibrant work culture and a cultish corporate culture? Today we’re taking a look … Read More

When are wages going to significantly rise?

These are incredibly dynamic economic times. As anyone who’s picked up a newspaper or turned on the television this year would be aware, interest rates are being aggressively increased in an attempt to control rampant inflation. Meanwhile, Australia’s unemployment rate is at a remarkable 48 year low of 3.5 per cent. There is now almost one job … Read More

Why are STEM jobs growing nearly twice as fast as other jobs?

Has your mind been blown this week by the release of the James Webb Telescope’s (JWT) ground-breaking new images of the universe? We have been in awe of them. With so much bad news around, it’s uplifting to hear about achievements in science and technology. The innovative JWT is the most ambitious telescope ever invented. … Read More

Australian Job Vacancies Have More Than Doubled in Just Two Years

You’ve probably heard around the water cooler that there’s a skills shortage at the moment, or that it’s currently a “hot candidate market.” This isn’t just anecdotal. An article in the AFR highlights the fact that there were nearly 480,100 job vacancies in Australia in May, which was an increase of 13.8 per cent on … Read More

Avoiding Burnout in these Challenging Times

2022 is turning out to be quite the year! After two years of numerous lockdowns, we’ve launched back into the busier version of our lives with abandon. We’re trying to fit it all in. People are holidaying in warmer destinations like Europe and Bali, many are changing jobs, others are renovating, and we can finally … Read More

How to find great candidates that aren’t actively seeking work

It’s a jungle out there – the employment market is as competitive as ever. Great candidates hold all the cards at the moment, so you want to make sure you are doing all you possibly can to broaden the reach of your organisation. You should be exploring unconventional options and casting a wide net. This … Read More