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Nail your job interview with two important lists

Posted on Apr 28, 2022

Far too many people go into job interviews underprepared and for the person hiring, it shows. You wouldn’t try and win a running race without practicing before, so if you want to win the job you’ve applied for, it’s important to prepare. There is always room to improve your interview skills and if you’re ready […]

Is Dressing Up for Work Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Posted on Apr 27, 2022

The question of whether or not to dress casually or informally for work is one of the many cultural norms that the pandemic has thrown into disarray. Some workplaces that were previously quite formal have now relaxed their standards (in alignment with increased working from home flexibility). Whereas in other workplaces, 2022 has seen an […]

Are you a TWAT?

Posted on Apr 22, 2022

A text came through from Brett (my boss) on a Monday afternoon – “are you a TWAT?” For a second I wondered if I’d done something stupid, but then the follow up explanation came in and described that it stands for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It’s an acronym to describe the work arrangements of people […]

Battling ageism in the workplace

Posted on Apr 20, 2022

There’s no doubt ageism in the workplace still exists. It’s up to employers to ensure they are not using a person’s age as a reason not to hire them.  It’s illegal to discriminate against a candidate due to their age. But regardless, ageism still occurs in some circles and it can be hard to completely […]

Fixing the superannuation gender gap

Posted on Apr 13, 2022

Most people are aware of the reality of the gender wage gap and in recent years many businesses have taken conscious measures to try and reduce it. There is still plenty of work to be done, however in general things are trending in the right direction. A subject that isn’t discussed as often is the […]

The benefits of going regional

Posted on Apr 12, 2022

Earlier in the pandemic, it was unclear whether work-from-home flexibility was going to be a temporary thing, or whether companies would be open to it in the longer term. It’s since become evident that employee expectations have potentially changed forever and many businesses have adapted their policy permanently to accommodate this. This has been accompanied […]

You’ve heard of exit interviews, but have you heard of a stay interview?

Posted on Apr 6, 2022

There are currently many workers taking advantage of the candidate-favouring job market and moving on to new opportunities. As a result, organisations who wish to retain high quality talent must endeavour to convince their valued workers to stay. One of the most effective ways of doing this is a “stay interview”.  This recent article on the […]

Tips on how to fight hidden bias in hiring

Posted on Apr 5, 2022

Establishing a diverse and inclusive workplace is a priority for all modern organisations of value. There are plenty of initiatives and incentives employers take in order to create and foster this environment and reduce biases.  However, some biases in recruitment can remain invisible because they are operating outside of our awareness. They can be detrimental […]